Brand Yourself Update

Comparing my new results from brand yourself to my old ones, I have increased my score from a C+ to a B- and the pages that are actually managed by me are 4% more likely to be found on google.

In 5 points, how can you improve your online presence to in order to improve your personal brand? What steps will you take to do so?

1. I can use the feature on brand yourself to find any of my previous social media post that contain harmful information and delete them off my page so current and future employers can’t find things I may have written in high school.

2. I can continually check back every two weeks with the free service brand yourself has to see how my google search results have improved.

3. I can update my linked in account and add it to my brand yourself account so that it is confirmed to be me and it boost those specific search results on google. I can also do that with any profiles that represent me the best to anyone who is searching for me.

4. I can continue to not post harmful things on social media that could hurt me in the future.

5. I can update my landing site to have all my current social media in one place and so i can be attached to me on google.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 4.35.52 PM.png


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