The Future of the Internet


The Assignment:

“As your output for class today I’d like a new blog POST 300-500 words on what you think the implications of the internet of things will be on your lives in the future. Please properly cite your external resources (you should seek out 2 sources – of any nature to use to support your claims). As a side note you might consider contemplating and writing about how you feel privacy is either upheld or violated and whether or not that concerns you or not.”

To begin, I’d like to state that I am very grateful for the Internet. It has made, and continues to makes my life as a college student much, much easier. That being said, I feel as though there are extensive amounts of drawbacks that take away from the vast success of the Internet. As the Internet continues to facilitate positive interactions such as communication and the spreading of ideas and/ or valuable knowledge by people around the world, there’s also the scary and unknown side of the Internet that many people are completely unaware of. For example, the people smart enough to hack into your computer and steal anything from your credit card information to your Wi-Fi, or worse, Cafferky (2013) declares hackers can now use the Internet to stalk you via the video cam of your personal laptop. It is absolutely crazy what capabilities the Internet has for crime today in this age, let alone what level of chaos the Internet holds for us in the future.

In the future, I believe nothing will be private anymore. It’s already easy enough for stalkers go about their stalking business in the present, with social media being updated in real time on many different platforms or smart phone apps keeping track of a person’s location. Gabe (2015) discusses even in the case that this technology is supposed to be used in a beneficial way for parents to access their children’s location; it can be twisted into a dangerous situation. Instead of using “Find My Family,” an apple application as a way to find a lost child, it could be used by an abusive husband or boyfriend using it to find his wife or girlfriend who finally escaped their abuse. Cyber crime has also taken off. Kessem (2016) states that the prediction for levels of cyber crime in 2015 were well surpassed, and that the trend will continue this year and in years to come. This is dangerous! It allows people to be extremely vulnerable! I cannot even imagine what could be in store for technological advances in these areas of the Internet in the future and how they could either help us or severely endanger us.

For as how the Internet and its technology in the future will affect me personally, I think it will change my whole life. As I get older, I see myself having more and more of my privacy being violated because of the Internet. I’m worried that in ten years I won’t have any privacy at all or that I will have to rethink living completely. I can only imagine what it felt like to be in my parents position growing up with only the earliest stages of the internet, seeing it become so complex right before their eyes. The amount of technology being invented and improved in this century alone baffles me! The modern Internet is not even a hundred years old, yet it is already so intertwined into peoples lives. People tweeting or snapchatting or myspacing I meant facebooking so much, they can’t even keep their heads up while they walk.

I’m turning twenty this weekend and it scares me to think what kind of life I will have in my thirties. I can’t help but wonder if it will be anything like the British T.V. series Black Mirror (If you haven’t seen it I highly suggest that you watch it, as disturbing as it may be, there’s something so realistic about the way humanity is depicted of course, outside of the craziness going on.) Will we have implants in our eyes that constantly let us relive our daily events? And if we can do that how will consistently reliving our mishaps impact the mental health of the people with these devices. The social implications of technology like this could cripple us. Will I even be the one updating my social media myself? Instead could there be a camera on my smart phone that records my daily activities and makes status updates for it for me. If the innovation in the last century was able to change so drastically than in my opinion, nothing I imagine isn’t possible in my lifetime. The difficult part about that is how are we going to keep up with it when we still haven’t found a way to fix our social interactions since the era of our smart phones.




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How did I do? Have ideas how the Internet might change in the future? Let me know what you think! Leave a comment at the end of this page to start a discussion.



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